Vaccum Bagging Films

Vaccum Bagging Films is of Ultra High Temperature, Highly conformable and chemically inert. The film products available are polyamide base.


  • Most conformable film for complex contours at elevated temperatures due to:
    • Higher elongation
    • Conforms better under stress
  • Successfully used up to 600°F

High Performance Films

Fluoropolymer Films: FEP,PFA,MFA,ETFE,PMP,PDF,THV

High Performance FilmsPerformance plastics designs and produces advanced film products from a broad range of fluoropolymer and other engineering materials.

These products serve high-tech, specification driven customers in performance driven market. The general film product range includes thickness from 0.0005" to 0.188".

Release Films

Fulfills all the processing requirements of structural composite components for aerospace industry, windmill industry, printed and flexible circuit boards processing. This can take up the temp range from 160°C to 260°C.

UHMW Films/Tapes

Ultra high molecular weight polyolefin film coated with acrylic adhesive, the product provides an abrasion-resistant anti-stick, anti-friction surface at temperature upto107°C.


  • exhibits excellent abrasion resistance
  • low coefficient of friction
  • makes a excellent protection for surfaces or bearings that experiences heavy wear.

Silicone Fabrics

Silicone rubber products are high performance elastomeric compounds design for critical gasket and insulation applications.

Products are designed for high purity, low out-gassing and extreme temperature resistance.

Silicone FabricsKey application areas:

  • Gasket hi/low temperatures
  • insulations from smoke barriers
  • flame retardant
  • vibration damping, etc,.


  • UV resistant
  • long service life
  • noise abatement insulations.

Thermal Conductive silicone pads covers critical applications like bonding printed circuit boards, heat sinks and electronics components to a variety of substrates.

Electrical conductive silicone pads are used to shield RF and EM interference, and protection against electrostatic discharge in electronic equipments.

High performance sealing tapes are offered in a wide range of thickness, widths, compositions compressibility and colors

PVC Foam

Product is a closed cell PVC foam which is an economical choice for seals against water, dirt and air infiltration.

Application areas: appliances seal, window and door weather-stripping, roof sealing for parapets, refrigeration, anti-squeak seal, and machinery enclosures.


Micro cellular urethane foams uniquely engineered for high performance gaskets applications. Urethane products offers excellent compressions set resistance and vibration damping properties

Application areas:

  • Cellular phone gaskets
  • acoustical gasketing
  • electrical enclosure, etc,.


High density Urethane foam has a high co-efficient of surface friction and is supplied with and without adhesive.

Application areas:

  • foot pads
  • bumpers for industrial equipments
  • house-wares
  • business machines, etc,.

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