Product information

Bump On
  • Durable & Resilent
  • Non-slip & Non-Marking
  • Sound Dampening & vibration resistant
  • Allows for heat dissipation
  • Discreet on clear materials
  • High performance adhesive systems

Product Features

Bump On are made using a strong, highly resellent polyurethane raw material which is an extremely hard wearing and flexible material.

Among the many features of polyurethene, is the ability to withstand shock and vibration whilst being non-marking and anti-slip.

The Adhesive systems used on our Bump On are poweful high performance adhesives developed with specific help from customers in the markets we serve. Users can apply Bumper On with confidence. Our technical page will provide performance figures based on laboratory tests.

Categories Available:

  1. Hemispherical
  2. Super-soft Range
  3. Cylindrical
  4. Square
  5. Others