Adhesive TapesCrepe Paper Masking Tapes

Wide Range of Crepe Paper Masking for application in

  • General purpose (upto 80°C)
  • Medium Temp (80°C to 120°C)
  • High-temp (120°C to 140°C)

Finely creped, flexible, wet resistant masking tape with high tensile strength. These range of products guarantees sharp edge finishing, easy removal without tearing, and residue free de-masking.

Fineline Masking Tape

Masking TapesComprehensive Range of Professional Masking Solutions for Design Painting in Automotive/Aeronautical applications.

Application areas: Flange Masking, Two tone Bumper Masking, Two tone body Painting Filmic Range of Tapes.

Basic carrier as PET, PVC, PVC–PET Co Polymer, products can withstand a temperature in the range of 70°C to 220°C. This range of tapes, can take up the curves and contours for easy masking. Filmic tapes are preferred for fineline masking due to easy removal, jaggered free (fineline) painting, and easy die-cut ability and workability.

Edge Masking Tapes

Edge Masking TapesPaper / Film Laminated with Masking tape on the edges, to provide wider coverage of masking during single application, this is widely used, where large area needs to be masked with limited time period. It’s easy to Mask and also easy while demasking.

Fabric Based Tapes

Fabric based tapes are used for various applications. We can offer them as follows:

  • Double sided cloth tape
  • Single sided cloth tape - Water proof & non water proof
  • Nylon fabric tape
  • PET fabric tape
  • Rayon fabric tapes etc.,


Double sided Polyester Tapes

Double Sided Polyester TapesProduct consisting of PET film backing with modified acrylic adhesive, the product is designed in various thickness from 48µ to 205µ. The tapes are designed for high adhesion level relative to low thickness. And resistant to demanding environmental conditions, tapes has excellent handling performance in converting process. The adhesive is also formulated to suit for low energy surfaces as well as high energy surfaces.

Application Areas:

  • Mounting of metal or plastic badges and signs
  • Splicing of thin films
  • Mounting of ABS plastic parts in car industry
  • Mounting of decorative profiles
  • Furniture industry etc,.

Double sided PVC Tapes

Double Sided PVC TapesPVC film backing with modified acrylic adhesive, featuring outstanding adhesion levels to critically low energy surface energy materials such as PP and PE. Product are designed for good initial adhesion and age resistant.

Application Areas :

  • Mounting of battery pack in cellular phones
  • Mounting of exterior car mirrors in plastic housing
  • Mounting of decorative trim parts in furniture industry

Double Sided Tissue Tapes

High performance double sided tapes with a non woven backing and modified acrylic adhesive. Adhesives are formulated for good holding power, thereby achieving excellent performance even on curved surfaces. Tape are designed for good shear strength, resistant to light and ageing. Largely resistant to plasticizers.

Application Areas:

  • Foams and gasket laminations
  • Self adhesive mounting of plastic bags, posters, stationery, displays
  • Splicing of webs in paper industry

Double Sided Cloth Tapes

Reliable high shear resistant fabric tape coated with rubber adhesive, laminated with polyester/silicone coated paper liner which unwinds smoothly and ensures easy release.

Application Areas :

  • Mounting of rubber stereos in flexo printing
  • Carpet fixing in automotive/hotels and offices etc,.

Double sided foam tapes

Double Sided Tapes

Adhesive TapesDouble sided foam adhesive tape with high loading capacity, these are made of Acrylic/ Polyurethane/ Polyethylene foam carrying a high performance acrylic adhesive system. The tapes are designed to meet the most demanding exterior applications. And is resistant to oxidation, weathering and provides long performance life.

Application Area:

  • Bumper trims
  • Body cladding
  • Pillar trims in automotive industry
  • peripheral sealing in solar industry
  • ACP Cladding in construction industry

Butyl Tapes

Black Butyl / Mastic Tape is conformable, durable, tacky mastic coated on an easy release liner. The product is designed for quick and easy insulating, padding and sealing of objects that need to be protected from adverse environmental conditions. It is well suited for corrosion protection applications and is resistant to U.V. Light.

Other Application Tapes


Cello Tapes

Cellophane – cellophane tape is a clear transparent tape with cellulose film and natural rubber adhesive, the tape comes off without leaving any adhesive residue.

Special application areas:

  • Packing
  • Covering and masking
  • Film splicing
  • Plastic film welding

Adhesive TapesRubber Adhesive BOPP

Adhesive specially formulated with rubber adhesive, easy to use, all purpose solution to many packing application, high initial tack allied to good adhesion and tensile strength.

Application areas:

  • Packing,Bundling, Holding, Sealing.

Filament Tapes

Packaging TapesBi-Directional Tapes/ Glass fiber filament laminated on polypropylene film has a good longitudinal as well as transverse tensile strength.

Mono- directional tapes/ Glass Fiber Filament laminated on polypropylene film has a good longitudinal tensile strength.


  • Bundling and strapping of heavy goods
  • Securing pallets
  • Closing and reinforcing of shipping cartons

Speciality Adhesive TapesSPECIALITY TAPES

Heat Activated Tapes

Double sided adhesive films without carrier, it is protected by a paper liner, film can be activated by pressure and heat. once activated it has a high bonding strength and is dimensionally stable, and has excellent heat and chemical resistance.

Application areas:

  • Chip Modules in smart cards
  • Bonding of glass fibers, foils, and plastic parts
  • Particularly suitable for work pieces of smooth surfaces requiring bonding.

Flexoprinting Tapes

Double sided foam tapes designed for mounting of photopolymer plates in wide-web film, suitable for high quality combination prints of halftone and solid work on steel cylinders.

Tapes ensures simple mounting, easy repositioning, easy residue free demounting, secures plate in place without edging lifting and without plate movement.

Wire Harnessing Tapes

PVC base, coated with modified natural rubber resin adhesive offers totally lead free, excellent tack, easy unwinding, high elongation, hand tearable and user friendly applications.

Adhesive Tape Die Cuts

Adhesive Tape Die CutsWe offer superior quality die cuts of specialty adhesive tapes, foams, films and fabrics. These can be availed in customized design into continuous roll form or individual die cut pieces. These are widely used in:

  • Electronic Industry
  • Automotive Industry
  • Appliance Industry
  • Signage Industry
  • Renewable Energy Industry

We also provide the following speciality tapes:

Polyester Tapes - UL Approved In Various Colours Margin Tapes - UL approved
Nomex Tapes - UL Approved Glass Cloth Tapes
Adhesive Transfer Tapes PVC Insulation Tapes
UDV Vinyls Protective Tapes
Pink Rayon Tapes Non Woven Cloth Tapes
Single Sided Foam Tapes Static Vinyl
Protective Tapes Application tapes
Teflon Coated Glass Cloth Tapes Nylon Cloth tapes
Kapton Tapes Glass Etching Films
Aluminium / Copper Foil Tapes Very High Bond Tapes
Floor Marking - Zebra Colours Silicone Paper Tapes
Metal Foil Tapes Over Laminating Tapes
Holographic Films Belting Tapes
Void Films Tacky Tapes
Butyl Tapes Sealant Tapes
Flash Breaker Tapes Nitto Tapes
Acrylic Foam Tapes Plasma Spray Masking Tapes

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